Imbibe Ride

You drink while we drive – what could be better?

Throughout this cocktail experience, Philadelphia, New York and Boston will be seen through a very different set of glasses – tumblers, rocks, collins, martini, neat and flute. Each city will focus on different aspects of this art form and will appeal to those who have never picked up a shaker, as well as those who have a one-handed stir that would make Don Draper drool. In addition to making shrub, vermouth, and developing your drink artistry, knowledge, and palate, you will be connecting to a quickly growing mixology culture.

You will visit some of the well-respected cocktail bars, eat from some of the most thoughtfully prepared pairing menus and learn from some of the country’s top mixologists. Even if one of the cities is your hometown, you will have access to exclusives that you have never had before, making this a true staycation.

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