Get the Drift

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Slide left. Slide right. Avoid the clip. Transition. Now…make it look sexy.

This exclusive, in-depth car drifting program is the only one of its kind. Some of the best drift drivers in the world will teach you to oversteer with complete control and precision – to slide your car so the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction of your turn. What does that mean? Ultimately, that means you’re about to be the coolest kid on the block. Drifting is the hottest thing in motorsports today and during this experience, you are going to join the community of drivers who are paving the way for those who love to slide.

This high-adrenaline adventure starts in the Los Angeles area and consists of a comprehensive orientation, 4-8 hours of seat time with private instruction, tours of prominent racecar shops, private demos and fantastic meals with your pro drivers. Buckle up, you’re about to “go sideways.”

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